Thursday, July 11, 2013


Apparently the other day Ron was raving to his siblings about the fabulous Pavlova that Margaret made for us while we were in South Carolina. So of course, Marilyn, Linda and Tammy, being the excellent cooks that they are, asked for the recipe.

Some of the rest of you might be interested too.

Here it is Joy of Baking Pavlova. There is a video demonstration that is very helpful. Margaret used cool whip to cover the meringue and garnished with berries.

I sent this link to the Drake Extended Family and decided to post it on the Grandma Drake's Recipes blog.

This blog could be a great place to share recipes. I haven't posted any recipes for some time and would like to get started again. I invite any one to share a recipe, whether it was made by Grandma Drake or whether it just represents the excellence of cooking and baking that defined her cooking. Just send the recipe to me and I will put it on the blog.